Local Drivers (small runs)
Must Preorder by September 30th
Driver Size Class State
Jesse Stoval both DLM MO
Jim Stephans 1/24 only DLM PA
Josh Russell both MOD MO
Ryan Markham both DLM OH
Tony Toste both DLM CA
(500 run or less)
Driver Size Class Date
Vic Coffey both DLM Released
Jimmy Owens both DLM Released
Bobby Pierce both DLM Released
Shannon Babb both DLM Released
Greg Satterlee both DLM Released
Jonathan Davenport both DLM Released
Earl Pearson Jr both DLM Released
Bub McCool both DLM Released
Morgan Bagley both DLM Released
Eddie Carrier both DLM Sept/Oct
Mike Marlar both DLM Sept/Oct
Jackie Boggs both DLM Sept/Oct
Billy Moyer both DLM Coming Soon
Ronnie Johnson both DLM Coming Soon
Blue Series Drivers
(500 run or more)
Driver Size Class Date
The Dirt Diecast People
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