Local Drivers (small runs)
Driver Size Class State
Keith Berner both DLM OH
Danny Ems both MOD MO
Jared Weston both MOD IA
Robbie Ewing both MOD MO
Warren Oldfieild both DLM AU
Jamie Oldfield both DLM AU
(500 run or less)
Driver Size Class Date
Shannon Babb both DLM Released
Jonathan Davenport both DLM Released
Earl Pearson Jr both DLM Released
Eddie Carrier both DLM Released
Billy Moyer both DLM Released
McCool Halloween both DLM Oct/Nov
Mike Marlar both DLM Oct
Nick Hoffman both MOD Oct/Nov
Rodney Sanders both MOD Dec
Shane Clanton both DLM Jan
Randy Korte both DLM Dec
Scott Bloomquiest 1/24 only DLM Dec/Jan
Ray Cook both DLM Coming Soon
Bub McCool World both DLM Coming Soon
Ronnie Johnson both DLM Coming Soon
Blue Series Drivers
(500 run or more)
Driver Size Class Date

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